Chasing the miss

I am a lying liar who lies.  Back in this post I said that the #3 cylinder had compression. But before tearing into the engine I decided to do a compression check on all the cylinders


The results were depressing:

  1. 140psi
  2. 150psi
  3. 20psi, oil had no effect
  4. 40psi, 90psi with a few squirts of oil
  5. 142psi
  6. 150psi

Looks like my thumb over the spark plug hole is not very finely calibrated.  Looks like #3 has something bad wrong with it and #4 probably has either worn or broken rings.  Peachy.  Lets look into the dead jug first.  Valve cover removal time!  At least it is easy to do.


Well that is a problem if not the problem.  The pushrod for the #3 intake valve is totally out of sorts.  I can’t tell if something is wrong down below or the rocker is messed up.  It is hard to see in this picture but the rocker arm looks a little odd.  Perhaps the pushrod beat on it.  I will have to dig further.

Confession time.  My knowledge of the guts of OHV engines like this is largely theoretical.  I have torn into several overhead cam engines and flatheads but never rebuilt a V-anything.  So I will have to learn as I go.  Should be fun.


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