Last night we got a couple inches of snow and it kept snowing most of the morning.  Which means that for the first time I can legitimately use four wheel drive.   It was only 18 degrees and the tires were throwing slush up through the floor and on the windshield but the car is actually brilliant in the snow.   I drove it downtown then took both my kids out to a nice vacant parking lot to let them play with it.  All the 4×4 stuff works perfectly but the transmission was a beast until it warmed up a bit.  I really have to get to work on the floorboards.

Hood hold-downs

One of the little annoying things on the Jeep has been the hood latches.  One of them likes to fall off and seems to only do it when I am underneath.  This happened again while I was re-installing the brake drums and it pissed me off.  The collection of parts that came with the Jeep had new ones so I decided to throw them on.  How hard could it be?

At some point someone (probably my father) installed the existing latches with stainless screws.  That should at least make disassembly possible.  Thanks!

While the screws were stainless the nuts, washers, and latches were not so getting the old latches off took some effort.  I cleaned up the stainless screws and found new hardware for everything else.

Then I found that one of the new latches is defective.  These two parts are supposed to be riveted together.  No rivet.

I rooted around and found a small screw and nut that would serve.

I painted the screw silver then installed it with Lock-Tite and cut off the rest of the screw.   This has to be as good as the rivet would have been.