Replaced the glovebox

So I dragged the original glove box into the house and did some triage on it.   Plan A was to use classic redneck engineering techniques to fix the old box.  In other words duct tape.  However this box is in rough shape.  The front edge that goes against the dash is all torn up.  Half the seams are either torn or very fragile.  And it still has bits of mouse poop in it.  While I am sure I could make it work I am equally sure I will not be happy with the result.

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Some assembly still required…

After work I got back on putting the suspension back together.  First step is to hang the sway bar.  The replacement bushings I got are not an exact match.  The new ones have these ridges on them that will not fit in the brackets so I trimmed them off with a sharp knife.

So now I have a size mismatch problem.  I will have to get creative to push the rubber over the bar.

This is what I came up with.  I lubed the bushing up with silicone and used the clamp to push it on.  It worked like a charm.

I did the same thing on the other side and wiggled the bushings into place.

Hanging the sway bar is a three-hand job so I used a couple of C-clamps to make a sway bar holder.  Once a couple of nuts were started the rest went easier.

All the nuts are in but not tight.  I will do that later once the sway bar links are attached.

The theme of the day seems to be putting things into holes too small for them.  Now I have to figure out how to put the bushing into the spring eye.  Plan A was to use the chisel technique I used to get the old bushings out.  That almost worked but when I flexed the eye the eye was oval rather than round and I could not get the bushing to start in there.  So I started working on a plan B.

This is plan B.  After greasing the bushing and the eye I found an old bearing race the same diameter as the bushing and used my vice to press the bushing in.  It worked very well.  Interestingly there is a right side and a wrong side to start the bushing in from.  I could only get the bushing to start from one side of the spring.

Just like a new one!

So this is one axle’s worth of new hardware.  The only snag here is that the new u-bolts are a LOT longer than the old ones.

I started hanging the spring from the rear frame mount.  Shiny!

Then the new spring shackle at the front.  I lubed the bushings up with silicone grease and bolted them in.

With the spring secure I used the jack to set the axle back down on the spring.  Now I need to install the spring plate and clamps.  But as I noted before the u-bolts are way too long.

So I did this.  Frankly I am not sure the die grinder with a cutoff wheel was any faster than using a hacksaw but it certainly was more dramatic.   Notice I threaded on nuts before cutting off the bolts.  After the cuts were complete I dressed the cut ends with a file then backed the nuts off to clean out the threads.

Freshly cut u-bolts ready to go.  I really wanted to keep going here but it was getting really late and I was really hungry.  So this will have to continue tomorrow.



Poor aerial photography

So last year I want to a conference and won this Parrot minidrone.  The quadcopter is about 10cm across and you can fly it on its own or snap it onto the boat and run it around a pond.  It is a fun toy but I have not played with it for a while.  Today the winds were calm (sort of) so I charged the drone up, hopped in the Jeepster, and went to a local softball field to play.

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