Goodbye Jeepster

The transmission locked into first gear on a drive a couple months ago.  It is probably not that hard to fix but I have been less and less enthused about working on the car.   The thought of dropping the transmission and figuring it out frankly bored me.  So I sold the car.  Hopefully the new owner has fun with it!

I will leave this site up, I hope it is useful to someone.  Final mileage



Fixed an electrical gremlin and put a new battery cable on

This morning I started the Jeepster and the ammeter was at 0 and the voltage was only 12 volts.  When I just turned the ignition on the AMP light does not light. Looks like we have a charging problem.  Since I see people all the time who have no clue how to do this I will try to explain the process.

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2020 Spring maintenance

Most years I do annual maintenance every spring in March or April when we get a nice day.   But most years my father does not die.  He passed away in April and since then I have been helping my mother and dealing with a pandemic so the cars got pushed on the back burner.  But it is the last day of spring so technically it is still spring maintenance.  This year I decided to go through the entire Tune Up chapter of the service manual (Section C if you are following along in your copy of the service manual).  I will put the subsection  numbers in as I go

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Front floorboards done!

I am determined to get the Jeepster running tonight.  First some pics of the floorboard patches from underneath.  I put that cable tie in there before I put the seam sealer on so I would have a place to tie the fuel lines to.  The factory brace had a metal tab spot-welded on there and I forgot to do that before I painted everything.

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Started putting the seats back in

I really should fix the rear floorboard before I put this all back together.   But it was brutally hot welding in the summer and the car has been out of commission for more than a month.  So I will  put it back together and finish patching this fall when it is cooler.

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