Fixed an electrical gremlin and put a new battery cable on

This morning I started the Jeepster and the ammeter was at 0 and the voltage was only 12 volts.  When I just turned the ignition on the AMP light does not light. Looks like we have a charging problem.  Since I see people all the time who have no clue how to do this I will try to explain the process.

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2020 Spring maintenance

Most years I do annual maintenance every spring in March or April when we get a nice day.   But most years my father does not die.  He passed away in April and since then I have been helping my mother and dealing with a pandemic so the cars got pushed on the back burner.  But it is the last day of spring so technically it is still spring maintenance.  This year I decided to go through the entire Tune Up chapter of the service manual (Section C if you are following along in your copy of the service manual).  I will put the subsection  numbers in as I go

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Front floorboards done!

I am determined to get the Jeepster running tonight.  First some pics of the floorboard patches from underneath.  I put that cable tie in there before I put the seam sealer on so I would have a place to tie the fuel lines to.  The factory brace had a metal tab spot-welded on there and I forgot to do that before I painted everything.

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Started putting the seats back in

I really should fix the rear floorboard before I put this all back together.   But it was brutally hot welding in the summer and the car has been out of commission for more than a month.  So I will  put it back together and finish patching this fall when it is cooler.

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Driver’s side floorboard patch

I am still waiting on seam sealer before I weld in the passenger side floorboard so I decided to start on the driver’s side.  This is actually a lot worse than the passenger’s side.  There is still some solid steel between the holes but putting two patches in seems like more work than just doing one big patch.   As before I started with locating lines.  I also crawled under the car and relocated the clutch cable, fuel lines, and brake lines away from the patch area.

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