Axel ID

I did a quick recon on the axles to see if I could ID them.  From the shape I think they are Dana 30 axles.  The front axle has some numbers stamped on it but they are badly rusted.  The back is a little better.  I found this stamped on the axle tube:


I have no idea what that means.  I will have to research this and see.  I kinda was hoping for a part number but that does match up.

A wiring problem, dammit.

So when I crawled under the dash the first thing I realized is that the wiring is a hot mess.  Splices, odd connections, and in-line fuses everywhere.  In fact this car does not have a fuse block at all.  Everything is in-line or maybe not fused at all (cue sinister music here).   This is going to be a serious task on the TODO list. Continue reading “A wiring problem, dammit.”