Last night we got a couple inches of snow and it kept snowing most of the morning.  Which means that for the first time I can legitimately use four wheel drive.   It was only 18 degrees and the tires were throwing slush up through the floor and on the windshield but the car is actually brilliant in the snow.   I drove it downtown then took both my kids out to a nice vacant parking lot to let them play with it.  All the 4×4 stuff works perfectly but the transmission was a beast until it warmed up a bit.  I really have to get to work on the floorboards.

Poor aerial photography

So last year I want to a conference and won this Parrot minidrone.  The quadcopter is about 10cm across and you can fly it on its own or snap it onto the boat and run it around a pond.  It is a fun toy but I have not played with it for a while.  Today the winds were calm (sort of) so I charged the drone up, hopped in the Jeepster, and went to a local softball field to play.

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