Real snow

We had an actual snowstorm Friday night (Jan 12, 2018).   It rained most of the day then there was some ice and finally 4″-6″ inches of snow.  The earlier rain and the plummeting temperatures meant the roads were an icy, slick mess.  Jeepster weather!

After work and shoveling the driveway it was 7:00 and  no one was on the roads.  So my wife and I warmed up the Jeep, locked the hubs, and put her in 4W-HI.

Lucky for us the wipers actually worked well.  It was really coming down.

We stopped under a street light and Maria took some pictures.  The car ran well in the snow but in these really slick conditions it wants to spin  when going around corners.    I found that it was better to go into the turn slow and give it some gas in the turn to let the front wheels “pull” while turning.  We “practiced” this technique doing doughnuts in a parking lot.

I think this my all-time favorite picture of the Jeepster.   It looks bad-ass.

Then we sort of broke it.

It was cold in the car so I turned the blower to high.  Lights were on as well as the wipers.  Suddenly everything but the headlights went dead.  Engine, wipers, fan all shut off.  We coasted off the road.   The engine would not crank.  I figured we must have tripped the circuit breaker.  I turned everything off, waited a couple minutes, and checked the wiring under the hood.  It fired right up and we drove home without further incident.  My concern is that if the breaker tripped the lights should have gone out too.  Something else to check.  I may bypass the breaker for the heater blower and just put an inline fuse on it.  Something else to investigate.

The next day we took the Jeep into town for dinner and were behind a really nice International Harvester TravelAll with a snow blade attached.  Cool!

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