Started putting the seats back in

I really should fix the rear floorboard before I put this all back together.   But it was brutally hot welding in the summer and the car has been out of commission for more than a month.  So I will  put it back together and finish patching this fall when it is cooler.

I started with the back seat but this seat mount worried me.  I will have to fix this eventually but for right now I will try just a little reinforcement.

I grabbed a scrap bit of sheet metal and hacked out something.  This will just be a big washer and help spread the load around a bit.

Like this.   Back seat is in!

Then the seat belts.

Next the shift tower and shifter that I cleaned up earlier.  One of the cage nuts that holds the shift tower on was missing but I found this replacement.   I was really pleased with myself until I tried to put a screw in the nut.

Turns out the new cage nut is fine thread.  I was going to just use a fine thread screw but I don’t want one screw to be different.   And then I found a square nut in my hardware bin with the right size and thread pitch.   Hmmm…

Just a couple minutes of bending tabs and I replaced the nut in the cage nut.  Problem solved.

Shift tower installed.  This will have to be my stopping point for tonight because it is getting late and the paint underneath is still wet.   I am getting so close.  Maybe tomorrow after work I can get this thing back on the road.


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