Front floorboards done!

I am determined to get the Jeepster running tonight.  First some pics of the floorboard patches from underneath.  I put that cable tie in there before I put the seam sealer on so I would have a place to tie the fuel lines to.  The factory brace had a metal tab spot-welded on there and I forgot to do that before I painted everything.

Fuel lines back in place.  Hopefully I am smart enough not to cut the one cable tie if I need to take these loose.

Hooked the shifter up.   This could have gone better. There were two wavy spring washers that keep the linkage tight on the shifter.   I had them in a container with all the other shifter hardware.   Then suddenly there was only one.  I don’t know how I lost one, my best case is after I greased everything up the washer stuck to me somewhere and got lost.   Hopefully it turns up one day but for now I put a fiber washer in there and it seems pretty tight.

Next I moved up top.  I vacuumed out the car and wiped everything down with a wet rag and a bucket of water.   The entire inside of the car was coated with powdered metal from all the grinding and welding.  Then I put the center console back in.  I had to wiggle stuff around to get the console to clear the shift lever and still have everything line up.   One of the screws on the shift tower interfered with the console so I just took it out.  No pictures because I forgot to take them.

Got the driver’s seat in.  This was tricky to do without scratching up the floorboard.  I used bits of cardboard to keep the parts separate until the bolts were all started.

Holy crap that looks nice.  After all the measuring and fitting I was still excited that the holes all lined up.

Passenger side next.  This is after the bolts were in and before I cleaned my greasy handprints off.

Looking good!  Or at least looking better.   It is amazing how much sturdier the seats feel.   Huge improvement.  It was getting late at this point but I wanted to try this thing out.   It took a surprising about of time to put stuff away.

Once the crap was cleared away I fired up the engine.   The carb and fuel line were dry so it took some cranking but it finally sputtered to life.

Leaving the ICU!

I am as tired as I look.  But the Jeepster is a car again.  I took it out on a shakedown cruise.   In spite of my cleaning a cloud of dust and grit blew up when I got up to speed.  I will have to adjust the shift linkage again (tower is probably not in the exact same place).  I also kept smelling gas.  When I got home gas was dripping out from the area of the fuel pump.  Turns out the fuel filter was loose so I tightened that up and fixed the problem.


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