Brake lines and more front brakes



I got the front brake line run.It actually almost fit perfectly.


Yeah, I know I have the T fitting rotated 90 degrees.   I also crimped the tube a little on that short bend.


The tube even fits in the clips on the front cross member.


And here is the other end where it connects with the flex hose.


I also popped off the master cylinder.  I am going to tear this down and inspect it.  If it looks good I will rebuild it.  If not I will buy a new one.


While I was messing with that Rachael was tearing down the driver’s side front hub and axle.  At least this side still has the shoes in one piece.


Rach ripped this apart and we have another pile of parts to clean.  We hit the adjuster with a torch and penetrating oil and got it loose.   So that is good news.


The steering knuckle bits.  This seal was in pretty sorry shape and there was very little gear oil in the knuckle.  This side came apart a lot faster since we know what we are doing now but it still will take a while to get all this cleaned up.  But it is getting dark so we are shutting down for tonight.

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