Working on both ends


Rachael and I put the finishing touches on cleaning the gas tank area.  Most of it is in surprisingly good shape.  First we vacuumed the whole thing


Side frame rail.  At this point we had cleaned the surface with naphtha and alcohol.


Back end.  At this point Rachael went to work with a spray can of rust converter on all the rusty areas.  That will have to dry for at least two days.


While she did that I started working on the power brake booster. I used a short bit of brake line and a plug to keep the fluid from running out of the master cylinder.


The new booster bolted right up but is quite a bit deeper than the old one.


To make up the difference the booster came with this little machined extension that goes in the end of the master cylinder.


Here it is installed.


I put the master cylinder on the booster and tweaked the brake lines to line up with the master cylinder.  I will have to do some bleeding again.


There are a couple of problems.  The wiring for the brake light switch barely reaches.  I think it will be all right but if the wire pulls hard at all it will pull the connector right off of there


The other problem is I did not adjust the booster rod length in any way.  I will have to make sure we have the right brake pedal free play.  If not I will have to unbolt the master cylinder (again) and adjust the rod.

It was well over 90 in the garage but I wanted to try tuning the engine again.


Here I just adjusted the choke.  I also removed the idle mixture adjustment screws and flushed the holes out with carb cleaner.  The engine started right up but quickly starting starving for gas.  Nothing I did with the idle mixture helped and the accelerator pump does not seem to be working.  Just for giggles I static-timed the engine to make sure that was not the problem but it did not make any difference.  I think there is all kinds of crap floating around in there.  It is also possible the 30 year old rubber parts in there are reacting badly with our 10% ethanol gasoline.  Either way I think I need to take it apart and rebuild it.  But it was hotter than hell so we quit for the day.


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