Really finishing up the steering column


Nice cool day today so I put the steering wheel together.  I forgot to take a picture of the horn switch installed.  The horn switch works the whole series of wires, brushes, and rusty-ass contacts means the horn does not get enough juice to sound reliably.  More on that later.


The right turn signal indicator in the gauge cluster is not working.  I popped the bulb out.  The bulb tests good so I cleaned the contacts and it works now.


My buddies at Amazon delivered a new electronic flasher.  In this really fuzzy picture you can see the flasher and the power lead I made for it.  This will run from the accessory terminal on the ignition switch and feed the turn signals.  The old flasher and it’s constant power will run the hazard lights.


Here is the mess dangling under the dash.   This will all get cleaned up later. The electronic flasher has a dedicated ground wire which I stuck under a convenient screw.


This is the reason I put the electronic flasher on the turn signals.  I also bought these LED tail light bulbs on Amazon.  They are supposed to have Cree LEDs in them but I have my doubts.  Anyway since these bulbs draw a lot less current than incandescent bulbs the old mechanical flasher is likely to have problems.  So I put it on the hazard lights which are both less important and have all 4 bulbs blinking to maximize the current.


There is only one problem.  The LED bulbs are too loose in the sockets.  You can see in this picture that the LED contacts do not stick out as far and the latching pin is a little closer to the bottom of the bulb.  So if I am going to use the LED’s I will have to revisit the stupid light sockets again. Not tonight.


Last stop is the horn.  I took it off the car and cleaned up the contacts.  This is an original Sparton “beep beep” Jeep horn and once it is working it might be my favorite thing about the car.  However we are going to need a relay to get it working reliably.   But that is enough for one night.  I just reinstalled the horn.

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