Top progress


I finally got back to work on the top tonight.  I installed the cylinders and hooked up the lines.


I filled up the pump with ATF using my hand pump.  A funnel would have been easier but there is no room back there.  I tried to bleed the system by working the cylinders by hand.  That worked but was really hard to move the piston so I gave up on it.


Here is my test rig to run the pump.  The two circled wire ends can just be touched to my drill battery to run the pump.


I did not run the pump long   Oil started running out of the upper fitting.  Crap.  I pulled the cylinder back out.


This is my own damn fault.  I knew I should have replaced the o-rings in the cylinders.  They are ancient and I should not have tried to reuse them.  The picture above shows my small stash of o-rings.  The three rings on the cardboard I fished out of the old motor and the cylinder.  I hope I have replacements…


I think I lucked out.  I found two rings that fit.  Lucky for me the other side is not linking because I don’t have any more.


Success!  Sort of.  I ran the pump back and forth to get the air out of the system then ran the top all the way down.  That part worked great.  However when I tried to run the top back up the motor stalled.  Hopefully that is because the little battery I am using can’t put out enough current.  Nothing seems to be leaking so I think the hydraulics are fine.  When I get back on this I will start wiring the relays to run the pump.


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