New tires on the wheels


I bought 4 new tires and had them installed on the powder-coated wheels.  I went with street radials that are similar in size to the original 7.35×15 bias-ply tires.  P225-75R15.  They are whitewalls but I put those on the inside.  Whitewalls are wrong on this car I think.


Aw for f*cks sake!  On one of the front wheels the powder coat is not adhering very well.  I expected some chips and such from the lug nuts and hub but this is coming off in a sheet  You can see it bubbling up around all the lug nuts.  The other wheels look better.  I will have to go back to the powder coat shop and see what they want to do.  I am a seriously disappointed.  I paid pretty good money to get these wheels powder coated assuming it would be MORE robust that a $6 can of spray paint.


I do like this though.  Plan ‘A’ was to use one of the old Michelin tires I had on the car as the spare.  But the tire was too big to fit on the mount.  The shop where I bought the tires found a used smaller tire that at least fits between the bumper and the car.


Even this tire is not ideal.  The tire is tight up against the trim on the back of the car.  I will have to put some spacers in there to make this fit better.  The bias ply tires must have been super skinny.  This is still one of the AMC CJ wheels I have that are too small for the hubcaps so I will have to get creative here.  but no hurry for that.

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