Jeep is hovering now


I have been blowing off Jeep work the last couple of weeks.  Getting home after dark and going out in the cold just does not seem like fun.  But I have borrowed a welder from my Dad so I need to start learning how to that works.

I have been using the Jeep to run errands waiting for stuff to break.  The speedometer is the only thing that has gone south so far.  The car also idles too fast most of the time but not always.  Might be the choke?  Anyway it is time to get the stupid wheels back to the powder coating place so I put the car up on stands and pulled the wheels.


Well crap.  The white power coat is not bound at all to the wheel.  It is coming off in sheets.  I will run these in and get the tires pulled off and take them back to the powder coat.

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