Leaky tire and dirty fuel filter

I am going to take the tire that is leaking in to get it fixed.  Not a bad job but I managed to hurt myself.

When I jacked up the car I managed to brush my hand under the back bumper.  Which is apparently made out of razor blades because it cut the crap out of two of my fingers.  Fun!

The next day I put the fixed tire back on.  The problem was a bit of uneven powder coating under the valve stem.  Should be good now.

I also noticed there is crap in the fuel filter so I pulled that out to clean it.

That debris is flakes of varnish that must have come out of the fuel line or inside of the fuel pump.  Everything else is brand new.  I also realized I put the filter together backwards.  It should be catching the crap outside the filter element.  I cleaned it out and put it back together correctly.

All done.  I also lubed up the convertible top.   There will be more on that later, I have problems there.

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