Cleaning the top

It has been a little quiet on the Jeep front lately.  I have been busy with the rest of my life and the Jeep has been running great.  But I had some time free and it was a cool evening so I decided to clean the convertible top.

I have washed the top before with soap and water but it had a lot of stains and still looked pretty dirty.  So I purchased some special convertible top cleaner on Amazon.  I was not expecting much but for $5 what could I lose?

So before is the far side, after is the near side.  Actually not quite after because I was still cleaning off the muck.  The cleaner really took the dirt off.   I sprayed the stuff on and used a nylon brush then rags to work the dirt loose than flushed it off with clean water.


There are still some dingy spots and I used most of the bottle of cleaner but it looks a lot better.  I am surprised at how well this worked.

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