Fire Extinguisher

When I got the Jeepster drivable I bought a little fire extinguisher and threw it in the back.   Sometime in the last few months someone must have decided they needed it more than I did because it vanished.   So I got another one.  This one gets bolted down.

Here is where I think I will mount it.   I was reluctant to drill holes in the wheel well but with a rusted-out floorboard 6 inches away that really does not seem like a big deal.

I used a tape measure and a straight edge to mark the center line for the mount.

I measured and drilled two pilot holes for the sheet metal screws I will use to attach the mount

Looks good!  And yes, I made sure the screws were short enough there is no way they will hit the tires.  Hopefully nobody steals this one.


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