Cleaning up stuff

I am taking the head to the machine shop tomorrow and my gasket set and pushrod are not in yet so I decided to spend some time cleaning up parts.


First on the menu is this fuel pump.  Every hose is dry-rotted and the steel lines are rusting.  I pulled off all the old hoses and cleaned up the hose clamps.


Now for the fuel filter.  This is a reusable, cleanable filter with an astounding amount of gunk in it.

IMG_20160502_184255  IMG_20160502_184731

Filter all cleaned up and ready to go.  I also cleaned and painted all the steel fuel lines.  I had a can of silver paint so I used that.  But I did not take a picture.


I also cleaned up the temperature sensor and re-installed it in the intake manifold.


I still have a can of Eastwood manifold paint from when I did the Studebaker’s manifold.  That has been a few years but it might still be good.  Worth a try.  I got out a drill and a rotary wire brush and went to work.


Wow, I think my brush has seen better days.  It went into the trash.  I then sprayed the manifold with Eastwood rust converter, forgot to take a picture, then set it aside to dry.  Time to go to bed.



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