More cleanup

Still cleaning parts.  After my wire brush marathon it looks a lot better.


I broke out my 6-year-old manifold coating and gave it a go.  Looks pretty good.


I also put fresh hoses on the fuel pump and cleaned up the hose clamps.


I also might have found someone to re-core the radiator.  This thing has been around the block and is rotted out big time.  Click on the picture to see the damage close up.


I was just going to live with this until I had the engine and brakes working but I got a lead getting it re-cored so I pulled the radiator out, flushed some nasty antifreeze out, and got it cleaned up to take in.

The good news is my gasket set has arrived.  I also have a new pushrod, thermostat, and power brake check valve.  Eventually this car is going to have things put on instead of taken off.

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