More engine assembly

Now that the valve train is together we are ready for a dry run.  First I need to drain the oil.


It seems like a shame to throw out oil that I only put in a few weeks ago but it is very likely that coolant, carb cleaner, and who knows what else fell down into the pan during all this.  Cheap insurance to change it.

VT_20160512_181552  VT_20160512_181811

This is also a good chance to put a new sealing washer on the drain plug.  The old one is a broken mess and a new one came with the gasket set.


The best part is just dumping the fresh oil on top of the engine.  I put in 4 quarts of  fairly cheap oil and a bottle of a ZDDP additive.   I will run this oil for a bit then change it again.

Next I pulled the spark plugs and cranked the engine.   All the valves are moving and oil seems to be circulating.  Win!


Intake manifold time.  The rubber seals in place on the ends of the valley.  I used a little RTV on the ends to make sure there are no leaks.


The gasket set says I don’t need any sealer on the intake manifold gaskets but a quick spray of copper coat seems like it can only help.


Intake manifold is on.  I made a mistake here.  Do you see it?


Tightening the bolts with my torque wrench.  Still making a mistake here.  Right about here I realized I forgot to put on the bracket for the throttle cable.  Doh!


There is the bracket in place. And the valve cover.


The other valve cover is also on.  I feel much better now that the engine is more or less sealed up.

It is getting late but I decided to do one more bit.  So I installed the thermostat and gooseneck.


Yet another gasket.  I sprayed this one with the copper coat as well since I had the can out and everything.


New 190° thermostat installed.


Done.  The last thing I did was grab the engine paint and touch up the bolt heads on the manifold and valve covers.  Good night!


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