Fuel and ignition

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First order of business is to install the thermostat bypass hose.  I dug up some new hose clamps since the old ones were pretty ratty.


Next job was to install the fuel pump.


Here is my mock-up of how the parts all go together.  A bit complicated so I worked it out before putting bits in the car.


Here is the fuel pump and heat shield installed.


Dashpot installed and temperature sensor connected.  Ready to install the carburetor.


Next the carburetor and associated plumbing went in.  You can see the fuel and return lines from the fuel pump wrapped around the back of the carb.  Everything here was going so well I should have anticipated a boneheaded move on my part.


And there it is.  When I plugged the PCV valve into my new grommet the grommet pushed right through into the valve cover.  Then I took a bad situation and made it worse.  While pulling the grommet out of the valve cover I managed to fling it.  I heard it hit somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find the damn thing.  I ended up ordering another one.


Next comes the exhaust manifold.  Here are the gaskets arranged as they go on the engine.


Manifold installed with new hardware and the gaskets.  Looks good.


In the box of parts my dad gave me were 6 brand-new R44 spark plugs.   I may be misinterpreting the date code on the box but I think they were made in 1978.  I don’t care, they will work fine.


Spark plugs gapped and installed


Next are new spark plug wires.  As usual the wires are two sizes, too long and too short.   But I arranged them as best I could.


I also installed a new cap and rotor.  Once I get the new #&$*@ grommet the engine will be about buttoned up.

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