Radiator is back!


Got the radiator back from being recored today.  It looks really good.IMG_20160517_194949

This is the first expensive bit on the car but if this thing is ever going to be a driver it needed to be done.  In the end it was cheaper than a new reproduction radiator and far less hassle than retrofitting a generic aluminum radiator.

IMG_20160517_195013    VT_20160503_171056

The new core is three rows instead of the previous 2 and the tubes are quite a bit wider.  The whole unit is a heck of a lot heavier than it was before.  This will go back in the car soon but first I want to do some rust mitigation and run the front brake line.  Those will both be easier and safer with the radiator out.  Much thanks to Rodger for doing this work and to Marshall from NAPA for knowing who to call.

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