Rust removal

I really want to get this engine started but first I need to get the brake lines back in.  And before I can do that I need to get the rust off the front crossmember.  At least now I have some help.  My daughter Rachael is back from college and could not wait to dive into this mess.


Here is a close-up.  The brake line goes into that clip on the crossmember.  The bottom of the radiator sits right at that mud-line you can see up at the top.


The clips actually cleaned up nicely.  I cleaned parts while Rachael wire-brushed the frame rails and crossmember.


Steering knuckle after a date with the wire brush.


Rachael went to work painting the cleaned areas with Eastwood rust-encapsulating paint

VT_20160523_205714   VT_20160523_205623

More clean spots.  While Rachael painted I started bending brake lines.



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