Even more cleaning and painting


Short day today with all the graduation parties so we mostly cleaned and painted parts.  Fewer pictures this time because I already know how it all goes back together.  First I tore down the second hub locker.VT_20160604_155303

Cleaned up nice!


Hardware and kingpins after a session with the wire wheel


Last time I used the wheel in the drill press to clean up the brake drum.  But it is very heavy after a few minutes.  This time Rachael did it in the driveway with a hand drill motor.


Now some paint on the visible parts


This can all dry for a couple of days.  It will be a while before I can start putting things back together.  I did not take any pictures but we also cleaned the ball end of the front axle and all the bearings.  I am running out of brake cleaner again.  I think I have used 7 cans so far on this project.

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