Brake lines and booster


I got the driver’s side front brake line run.  It is the shortest brake line on the car and just hooks under the frame.  It would be tricky to cut and flare this line so I changed the routing a bit so I could use the length as-is.  I also crimped the stupid line a bit but I think it will be fine.


Here is a fuzzy shot of the other end with the brake hose temporarily attached.


I also pulled the power brake booster.  It is a rusty mess from leaking brake fluid.


This boot on the pedal end of the booster is pretty far gone.  I will have to try and find one.


Here is the pedal linkage. I should take this apart for cleaning, painting, and lubrication but at some point if I don’t stop taking the rusty bits off the whole car will be in pieces.  So I will just lube this up and leave it as is.


I tested the booster as best I could by sucking on the vacuum port while holding the seal in place with a big socket.  It seems to not leak so it should be good.  I pulled the boot and grommet off and cleaned up the booster for painting.  The masking tape is to keep the paint out of the important bits.


Painted the booster and hardware. This should be ready to install once I get the new master cylinder.  I need see about replacing that boot too.

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