Finished the brake lines


I cleaned and painted the parts for the last brake but that is boring and we have seen it before so I did not take any pictures.  But I also finished running the brake lines.  Here are the rear lines going into the T-fitting on the axle and the new hose snaking up to the line from the master cylinder.


Lots of fuzzy pictures here since it was dark, under the car, and I was trying to get my phone all dirty.  You can see here the line that goes over the differential all bolted up.


The paint is still drying on the backing plate so the other brake line is just hanging there.  And the picture is fuzzy again.


And finally the other end of the hose is connected to the brake line.  Notice the red wire.   I don’t know this is for but there are wires strung here there and everywhere on this car.  This one goes into a dubious wad of electrical tape then ties to a couple of wire nuts (!!!).  Other wires go from there to the taillights.  I think a wiring harness is going to be an early upgrade if this car is going to be a driver.

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