Wired the top up


I picked up some more shrink tube and finished up the harness.  Time to put this in.


This white wire is from the accessory side of the ignition switch.  It was going directly to the turn signal flasher.  I cut that spade connector off and attached another wire.  This will feed power to top switch.


Like this.  The two outputs of the switch are now connected to the relay coils.  I did not get a picture of it but I also ran the red power supply wire you can see down on the floor back to the main circuit breaker.


I was looking for a place to ground the relays.  I found two other ground wires under the screw that was holding this thing up under the dash.  I have no idea what the hell this is.  So I am going to take it off.


Here is the screw.  I cleaned it up and found another nut.  My plan is to put the screw and one nut in the hole and tighten it up.  Then I will use the other nut to bolt the grounds on the exposed end of the screw.


You can see the screw head off to the left near the red wires.  The switch is in place.  If I hooked it up right pulling the switch towards the driver will lower the top.  Let’s test it!


Well, I at least tested the fuse.  It worked.  So here is what happened.  I thought I would be clever and test the relays without hooking up the motor.  I hooked my multimeter to one of the relay outputs and made sure they were not touching anything.  I hooked up the battery and no smoke.  Then I flipped the switch and heard a relay click.  Then I flipped the switch the other way and heard the circuit breaker buzz.  The wire moved and shorted out.  Stupid.


After changing the fuse I did what I should have done before and hooked up the pump motor to the relays.  Success!

All is not perfect.  The top still will not go up by itself, I think there still might be some air in the lines.  I also need to check for dirty connectors in the existing wiring.  Lubricating the top might help as well.

I think I can safely say that the wiring in the car is just messy rather than dangerous.  Since it was messy when it left the factory that is a real win.

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