It is a car again!


The carburetor came back from National Carburetors yesterday.  They turned it around in about two weeks after I shipped it.  The carb came back vacuum wrapped to cardboard like you see here.  It was not gently handled and the plastic was tearing away from the cardboard.  But the box is intact and the carb looks fine.


The carb looks great.  All the hardware is new.


Linkage was all re-plated and it came with new gaskets.


The cast iron has been sandblasted and painted.


I am getting way too good at putting this carb back on.  I am ready for this thing to actually run.

It runs!  It runs well.   I adjusted the idle and set the timing.  I should have adjusted the dwell and such but I could not resist.  I buttoned up the car and drove it down the street.  The power brakes work but are a little grabby.  The engine runs but the dwell, timing, and maybe mixture need tweaked.  And the whole car rattles and clanks like crazy.  But for now it is a car again.

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