Tune up and shifter work


I took the car for a drive to warm it up then hooked up the tach and vacuum gauge to adjust the idle mixture.  I turned the mixture screws 1/4 turn at a time adjusting the idle as needed.   I think I found where the vacuum is highest, but it seems like the screws are awfully far in.


The vacuum also seems a little low.  The car has a really lumpy idle, which I sort of expected from the odd-fire engine but I suspect I might also have a low-speed miss.  I will have to check compression.  I might have a sticky ring or something.


The car pops out of first gear, which according to the manual is most likely the shifter out of adjustment.  That bolt in there is 5/16″ in diameter which fits in two adjustment holes in the shift levers.


Here is the bottom of the shifter.  That bolt is going in through the hole you can see up top.


To adjust the linkage I need to loosen the bolts at the bottom of the shift levers on the transmission.  Then center the transmission shift levers in neutral and tighten the bolts.  The problem is I can’t get the levers to move on the transmission.   I think I need someone to hold the clutch in or maybe jack up the back wheels.  But I am alone and it is getting dark so I just tightened the bolts back up and took the car for a test drive.  No improvement 🙁

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