Odds and ends


This mirror came with the Jeep.  I am pretty sure it is a mirror that used to be on my Dad’s 65 Pontiac Tempest when I was a kid.  I think it is less of an ideal match for a Jeep.  Plus the holes are half stripped an the mirror is flopping around banging on the already decrepit body of the car.


Amazon to the rescue!  This mirror was only $10.  It is made of plastic but it will do for now.


I was able to reuse two existing holes.  They barely lined up but good enough for now.


Here is another problem.  There are (or were) rubber feet screwed onto the back of the passenger seat legs.  This rusty screw is all that is left of one.


Vice grip pliers were needed to get these screws out.


Home Depot to the rescue!  These feet look excactly like the feet that Jeep put on there.


They screwed right in there.   Now the seat does not rock so much.

I did not take any pictures but I also tried to adjust the shift linkage again.  It still pops out of gear…


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