More steering work


I collected my painted steering parts and started putting things together.


First step the steering bellcrank.  I greased the bushing up and installed the bellcrank.  Holding two big wrenches and the bellcrank got a little heavy but it went in well.  I then installed the pinch bolt and tightened it down.


Here is the kit for rebuilding the drag link (or reach rod).  The parts are a little weird



Here is what I am talking about.  The new springs are longer than the old ones.  Plus one of the end plugs (lower right) is much longer and has the ball socket built into the end of it.  I am not sure how that end plug can possibly work.  I checked the part number and it matches so I am not sure what is going on here.  I went ahead and decided to use the least worn of the old ball sockets an one of the old end plugs.   So first I tried to install the rod backwards.  Then I forgot to put the seals on.  Finally I got it right and found that I can’t get the plug to screw in far enough on the steering box end.  I think the longer spring is the problem.  I will have to take it apart again but it is trick-or-treat time so I am knocking off for the night.

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