Oil change and removed the splash apron

It was so warm tonight I decided to get some work done on the car.   First thing was an oil change

New oil filter too.  Well, not new.  About 30 years old actually.  But unused…

Now to fix the splash apron problem I found earlier.   To get the splash apron off I have to take the front bumper off.  Which looks to be a real joy.

Each side has 4 bolts and they are RUSTY.  Adding to the fun the three in the back are almost impossible to get a socket on.   I put a big wrench on the nut I could get the big wrench on and got it loose.   I hit all the nuts with a MAPP gas torch then penetrating oil.

Surprisingly they all came out but on a couple I had to get creative to keep the bumper bolts from turning in the holes.   I suspect these bolts have been out since 1967 and someone put grease on the threads.   Probably my father.  Thanks Dad!

Got them all out!

The bumper took a hard hit.  I need to find a press, I bet this can be straightened.

And here is the splash apron.  It is rusty and bent all to hell.

You can see how mangled this thing is.  But too late to work on it tonight.

The tops of the frame rails need cleaned up too.  I need to decide if I want to take off the snow plow brackets too.  I am out of time so this will have to wait until later.

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