Splash apron rust cleanup

I ordered new hardware for the bumper but first I have to get the splash apron cleaned up.  First I went after the rust with a wire brush wheel and a flap disk

In places there is not a lot of metal left…

And the panel is bent up.  Most of this comes right out.

See, no more dent.

I was able to work out most of them.  Looks a lot better.

Time for some rust mitigation  I used an extension nozzle to get inside the reinforcing channels the painted the rest of the rust with primer.

Did the same thing to the frame rails

While the paint was drying I drained a little oil out of the transmission.  We are definitely getting metal in the oil.  Not good.

The next day I went over the primer with black paint.   I only did the worst areas on the top side that people can see.  At least it will slow down the rust.  Now to let this dry.

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