Painting rusty stuff (part 1 of MANY)


I am in a bit of down time waiting on parts so I decided to go ahead and clean up some rusty metal.  With the radiator out of the way it seemed a good time to tackle stuff on the front of the engine.  The engine fan and water pump pulley were easy to remove.IMG_20160508_174700

The alternator pulley and fan were more of a challenge.  I got the nut off the shaft with an impact wrench.  To get the pulley off I had to use this rig.  This is a three-jaw gear puller being held to the pulley with a strap wrench.  It took all 3 of my hands to use this mess but it worked.


Nothing too bad.  Just surface rust.  A wire brush in my drill press is the tool of choice here.


After much wire-brushing and a good de-greasing the parts were ready for paint.  I am on my third can of brake cleaner spray on this project with no end in sight.

IMG_20160508_190313  IMG_20160508_190318

Well now I have gone and made some clean spots.  This will really nicely accent my one clean exhaust manifold and half-painted engine.  Baby steps…

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