Front floorboards done!

I am determined to get the Jeepster running tonight.  First some pics of the floorboard patches from underneath.  I put that cable tie in there before I put the seam sealer on so I would have a place to tie the fuel lines to.  The factory brace had a metal tab spot-welded on there and I forgot to do that before I painted everything.

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Started putting the seats back in

I really should fix the rear floorboard before I put this all back together.   But it was brutally hot welding in the summer and the car has been out of commission for more than a month.  So I will  put it back together and finish patching this fall when it is cooler.

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Convertible top problems and center console latch

It was a really nice morning and I had some time so I messed with the Jeepster a bit today.  I decided to look into the first two bows on the convertible top.  As you can see above they are no longer attached to the top.   The staples you see poking through are part of the problem.  Those are in a folded over flap in the top and are supposed to be firmly held in some sort of soft material in the top of the bow.  Obviously that is not happening.

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Replaced the glovebox

So I dragged the original glove box into the house and did some triage on it.   Plan A was to use classic redneck engineering techniques to fix the old box.  In other words duct tape.  However this box is in rough shape.  The front edge that goes against the dash is all torn up.  Half the seams are either torn or very fragile.  And it still has bits of mouse poop in it.  While I am sure I could make it work I am equally sure I will not be happy with the result.

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