Door strap repair

The door strap on the passenger side is MIA so I did some junkyard diving.

This is what I put together.  The strap and bracket on the bottom are Jeepster parts off the internet.  The U-shaped bracket, pin, and self-tapping screws are salvage yard finds from a Jeep Cherokee.

This is what I have in mind.   I positioned the hole on the bracket to correspond to the location of the strap holder on the other side.   Hopefully the bracket will fit in that hole in the door.

Except it did not.  The bracket hits.  To get it to clear I ground off the corner of the bracket and slotting the holes with a file.  I repainted the bracket so final assembly will have to wait a little.

So if anyone else wants to do this here is my hole positioning.  You want your holes about 1/8″ to the right.

Here is the strap assembled.  To put this in I need to get inside the door

Easy enough!

Wow, the inside of the door is a mess.   The bottom of the window track looks different because I started greasing it.  But I stopped to clean out all the rust and crap first.  I then greased the window mechanism.   This really needed to be done.  The window works MUCH better now.  I will have to do the other windows.

The door panel is a bit of a hot mess.  The panel is some sort of high density foam plastic and it has shrunk and curled up like a potato chip.  It may be possible to make a new backing board from something and put the existing vinyl over it.

With the paint dry here is the final result.   This will work.

I reinstalled the door panel and it looks just as bad as it did before.  But at least the door can not fly open and hit the fender (or the car next to me)

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