Window and door lubrication

I had an hour to kill so I decided to clean and lubricate the other three windows since it made such a difference to the passenger window.  I started in the passenger side rear.  It took me a while to figure out why this was weird.  Then I realized there is no rust here!

I stuck my phone inside the body to take a picture of the rear window mechanism.  The swoopy thing on the left is the track for the window.  The window pivots at the front and drops backwards 90° into the body.  I lubed the track, pivot point, and regulator gear.  Made everything work better.   I then repeated the operation on the other side.

The driver’s door got a little more interesting.   The stop to keep the window from going down too far is missing.

I found half of it down in the door.  This is going to take some ingenuity to fix.

Then I found the track was just flopping around.  I removed this bolt under the door latch to see what is wrong.

So here is all the rust that was not in the back.  The hole is all rusted out.  Eventually this might be a welding project but for right now lets try a bigger washer.

New bolt, washer, and good enough for now.

So this was my idea to replace the stop.  I tucked some fuel hose inside some heater hose.

I used a cable tie to strap the hose to the mount where the old stop was.  It works OK.  I wish it were about 1/4″ higher.  I may try again.

I lubed this door up too then realized my hour to kill had stretched into more like two hours.  I will finish up putting the door panel back on tomorrow.  But no need to show all that again.


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