Knuckles and Brake Lines


My daughter Rachael was helping again tonight.  She went to work on the steering knuckleVT_20160524_181041

I got the seal kits.  This includes new rubber and felt seals and new metal seal retainers.


Here Rachael has put the felt seal over the axle ball.  Notice how well it cleaned up.


Kingpins, hardware and bearings are cleaned up too.

VT_20160524_184454  VT_20160524_184449

Here Rachael is packing the bearings while I take fuzzy pictures.


We put the knuckle together then checked the bearing pre-load.  Lucky for me it is good since I don’t have any extra shims.  Then Rachael put the kingpins in with new lock washers.


Meanwhile I got to work on the front brake line.  Bending brake lines takes three+ hands at the best of the times so I did not take pictures of the process.


And here is where I ended up.  Looks pretty close.  Now I have to cut it to length and flare the end.  I took lots of pictures of that in case it is new to my tens of readers.


First step is to cut the brake line with a tubing cutter.  The cut end needs to be square and the outside edge beveled. But by far the most important step here is making sure the fitting is on the line before you flare it.


Next put the line into the flaring fixture so it sticks up as high as the base of the die sitting next to it.  Once it is in place tighten the fixture so there is no way the tube can slide in there.


Next put the die into the tube and squeeze it down.


Then remove the die and squeeze again with just the beveled end of the clamp.


Boom.  Looks good.

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