Brake drum cleanup


I had to do spring maintenance on the Studebaker today so we did not get much done on the Jeep.  I went after the rust and crud with a wire brush in a drill motor.  I then cleaned it with a Brillo pad and water.  Then I dried the drum and sanded the surface.  This is what I ended up with.  Not great but tolerable.

VT_20160530_114647  VT_20160530_120007

I also cleaned up the threaded bits with taps and dies.  I just chased the threads in the hub, lug nuts, and wheel studs.  I have several new lug nuts and was tempted to just replace them but decided to just use what I have.


I also got three tubes of John Deere Cornhead Grease to use in the steering knuckles.  This is a very thin and slimy #0 grease that should be loose enough to lube the knuckle but thick enough not to run out.  I cleaned up my backup grease gun and put this stuff in it.

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