Lots o’ new parts


Got some painting done on the brackets and other bits I unbolted from the back of the Jeep.  This is all ready to go back in the car.


The new power brake booster showed up as well.  This one is much larger than the one in the car.  I will have to take the master cylinder out and tweak the brake lines to make it fit.  More on that later.


This is the gasket the goes around the fuel filler hole in the floor.


I decided to put in new fuel gauge sender.  Looks nice.


So here is the first problem.  The pickup tube uses a different size hose bib than the one off the old tank.  I will have to do some hose size adapting to make this work.


So here is the next problem.  The sender is just a hair to large to fit in the hole.  I thought about trimming the return tube a bit shorter but that seemed stupid. After all it is a plastic tank…


This little notch is all it took to make the sender fit.  I did it with a razor blade and yes, I did catch the little bit of plastic so it did not fall in the tank.


Obviously with a plastic tank we will need a ground wire.  Anyway it got late and I am tired.  Enough for tonight.


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