Poor aerial photography

So last year I want to a conference and won this Parrot minidrone.  The quadcopter is about 10cm across and you can fly it on its own or snap it onto the boat and run it around a pond.  It is a fun toy but I have not played with it for a while.  Today the winds were calm (sort of) so I charged the drone up, hopped in the Jeepster, and went to a local softball field to play.

So here I am flying the drone.  The drone has a crappy (640×480) camera built into it that shoots straight down.  It is very hard to get a good shot with it.  Aerial selfies got boring so I decided to try and get some of the Jeep.  The results are pretty terrible.

If I went up high enough to get the Jeep in frame the wind got strong enough that the drone would start to blow away (it is tiny!).

Plus it was very hard to get the drone directly over the Jeep and level then trigger the camera all at the same time.

Also winter is back so the top is up.

Oh yeah, and the battery is only good for 8 minutes.

I will have to try this again in warmer weather and on a calmer day.

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