Passenger side axle back together


Getting the knuckle seal on I spend a bit of time trying to get the rubber grease seal (red arrow) to snap into the knuckle before I realized I was making it too hard.  I started putting the retainer on and used that to force the seal into place.  Before I started I squirted oil on the felt seal (blue arrow) where it rubs on the ball.  Not sure if that is necessary but it felt right.


Looks good.  The bolts are snug but not stupid tight.


Next Rachael put the axle in while I put some sealer on the spindle.  It took all of our hands to get the parts held in place while putting the bolts through so I did not get any pictures.  Rachael torqued the bolts to 30 ft-lbs.  I just guessed at that torque.


Next the “s” shaped little brake line and the new brake hose.  We reused the old clip.


Brake hose is attached.  Three more wheels to go!


While Rachael worked on the knuckle I was cleaning parts.  Bearings look good.

VT_20160526_194544    VT_20160526_194533

Got the drum and hub de-greased too.  The drum does not look worn at all.  It was probably turned “recently”