Passenger side front brake


I decided to do one wheel at a time on the brakes.  Since the backing plate, hoses, and everything else are a rusty mess  I decided to just remove everything.  There are 6 bolts on 3 lock plates that hold everything together.   Once I bent the tabs on the lock plates back I hit the bolts with an impact wrench.


With the backing plate and brakes out of the way I next removed the hose.   The lower end is held on by two of the kingpin bolts.  Impact wrench time again!


I had already removed the brake line from the upper end of the hose.  So all I had to do to get the hose out was remove this rusty-ass clip.  This is in pretty bad shape but might be salvageable.


After cleaning around it to try and keep dirt out of the axle I popped the spindle off.  Here is the spindle and hardware.  The spindle looks to be in good shape and the bushing inside it does not seem badly worn.


With the backing plate on the workbench this is the easiest brake job ever.  I carefully photographed each step as I took the brakes apart.  I am going to replace the cylinders and springs.  Hopefully the rest can be saved.


Good thing I have new wheel cylinders.  This is pretty gross.  I could not get the piston to move at all.  I will try and get these apart later but for now they go in the discard pile.  Time for a massive parts-cleaning party.


I got everything painted but the backing plate.  That will have to wait until next time though.  It is too cold to keep painting tonight.


I also hit the frame where the brake hardware attaches with a wire brush.  When it gets a little warmer I will paint all this too.  But time to knock off for today.


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