Knuckle cleaning


The ball of the steering knuckle is pretty rusty and the seal is a mess.  Since everything is out of the way this is an ideal time to replace all this.  VT_20160516_192118

The axle just pulls out.  The Spicer u-joint feels tight and looks well lubricated.  I will just clean the outer end of the axle shaft and leave the rest alone.


Next comes the steering tie rod.  I had to get on this tool pretty hard to get it to pop loose but at least the tie rod end is pretty tight.


The seal retainers are held on with 8 cap screws.  These are pretty gunky but a wire brush and penetrating oil got them loose.


The impact wrench made short work of the lower kingpin.  This does not look too bad.


The upper kingpin and shim pack look good but are not nearly as well lubricated as the lower.


With the kingpins out the steering knuckle comes right off.  What a mess.


The inside of the knuckle does not look bad at all.  I half expected to find a pound of rust and family of voles living in here.

VT_20160516_195737  VT_20160516_195802

The upper and lower races show a little wear but not enough to make me want to mess with them.

VT_20160516_204517     VT_20160516_204544

Next came a major degreasing party.  Here are the big pieces.  I got the bearings, king pins, and hardware clean too but forgot to take a picture.   The bearings look really good. Sorry about the picture of the knuckle on the right, I set it on a can of hose clamps.

The next step will be to clean the rust of everything and paint what I can.  I will also have to get seal kits and #0 grease to put this back together again.

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