Rear brake teardown


Time to go after the rear brakes.   I had to buy a 1 7/16 socket to get the axle nuts off.  After removing the axle nuts and wheels it was time to pull the hubs.


At least I have the right tool for this job.  This puller is military surplus and was probably used to maintain jeeps back in the day.


Notice how the axle nut is turned around on the end of the axle shaft.  This both protects the shaft from mushrooming and keeps the hub from flying into my face when it pops.


After some serious hammering with a sledge the axle popped off.  Sounded like a rifle shot.  Once it came loose the hub came right off.


For whatever reason the rear brakes are a lot less rusty and cruddy than the fronts.  This almost looks like it could work.  But it is getting torn down anyway.


Backing plate and bearing retainer removed.IMG_20160612_092916

I bought new rear axle seals but they are the wrong ones.  That is the bad news.  The good news is the seals that are in there look just fine.  I cleaned up the axle taper to get that rust off.


After a parts cleaning session things are looking decent.


Parts that are not going to be painted.


And parts that are.


I  brush painted the visible parts of the hub.


And sprayed the backing plate. Once all this dries it will be ready to put back together.


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