Driver’s rear brake


Ready to assemble the driver’s side rear brake.  First the bolts go in from behind and the bearing retainer plate goes over them.


Then the new wheel cylinder goes on the backing plate.


The parking brake cable goes though the plate and the plate goes over the bolts.


Then the grease seal goes on.  At this point anyone who actually knows how these go together is very upset with me because I just put the grease seal on backwards.  This should be interesting…


The leak-catching grease cup thing is the last item in the stack.  Now that backwards grease seal is out of sight.  Meanwhile the plate and cap screws in my hand hold the parking brake cable to the back of the plate.


The parking brake lever is attached to the trailing shoe and the cable is attached to the lever.  I had to file out the hole in the shoe a little to get the lever to fit.


Trailing shoe installed


Everything else installed.  Just to be sure I did it right I went back and looked at my pictures from the tear-down.  That is when I realized that grease seal is backwards.  Dammit.


The trick here is to take apart as little as possible.  That turned out to be the self-adjusting rods and upper springs.


There.  That is better.  As you can see I reused the gaskets on the seal.  They were not bad on this side but I ordered new ones for the other side.  Hopefully I can put the other side together without as much drama.  That is three wheels done!

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