Convertible top again

The convertible top has been getting worse and worse.   At first it needed some help going up, now it will not go down without help.  So I disconnected the cylinders thinking there was air in system. And I found this…

The driver’s side moves about 1/3 slower and with noticeably less force.  I will have to ask some questions about this but I think the cylinder is leaking internally and will have to be replaced.  Rats.  I had a talk with a company that sells convertible top parts and they recommended bleeding it carefully.  So a couple days later I dug in again.

First step remove the plug from the pump.  I then took the cylinders off again and ran them in and out several times.  I did get some bubbles out…

I also decided to do something about this.  One nylon line from the pump to the passenger side cylinder has been patched with a hose.   This bugs me a bit.

But I have this  No idea where it came from but it is the perfect size.

So this is the general plan.   The nylon lines butt up against each other and the hose and clamps just have to hold them in place.  The only problem is I carefully measured the line and still managed to make it too short.  But I have some extra 🙂 so I cut another one.

After I bled the system AGAIN I topped off the pump.  But to no avail.   The top is still weak.  I wish I knew if it was the pump or the cylinders…

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