Started spring maintenance

It has been a long time since I did anything on the Jeepster. I have busy and it has been cold. Today was a really warm day but I only had a couple hours. But I got started anyway.

The first step was to pull the plugs and check them out. Two of the six plugs from the right side of the engine were oily and black.

This is nastiest plug. This cylinder is not firing well. The other bad one was almost as bad. I should probably do a compression test…

This is what 4 of the plugs look like. This is what I want to see. I cleaned and gapped all the plugs and and put them back in.

Next I pulled the distributor cap. It had some grease thrown on it from the mechanical advance but it looks pretty good.  I cleaned it up.

I cleaned and checked the points. Everything looked good there.

When I checked the brake reservoir I found the the fluid in the front is a little brown.   The only brake lines I reused on the car were in the front.   I flushed them out but it looks like there was still some crap in there.

There was more crap in the fuel filter.  I cleaned that out.

I crawled under the car to grease the chassis and found this.  Two bolts hold the back of the splash apron to the grille.  One is now gone and the other was just bouncing around in the hole.   The tinnerman clips the bolts went into rusted away.   I don’t have any that will work so I will have to go hardware shopping.

This is where the two bolts go.   I may take this entirely out and do some rust mitigation on it.   But for today I am out of time.

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